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ERP, POS, CRM Support

Our company offers a variety of support methods which are listed below:

  • Remote Support: We are committed to log in on your site any time you may have a problem. With the latest state of the art remote software like team viewer and log me in we can access all machines and support you on the spot.
  • Email / Telephone Support: We can guide you through by email or phone during business hours 8:30 – 6:00 Monday through Friday with any issue you may have with your software and solve problems and answer questions you may have.
  • On-site Support: This is our ultimate support service. We come on site to help you out either installing, configure, train, or any other type of support you may need on site we will provide.

**All software sales are bound with a maintenance agreement that includes email / phone and remote support.

On-site support is charged extra and is payable at the rate of €60 per hour.