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Start Retail POS

It is the solution for the intensive retail sale of enterprises super market, mini market, kiosks, fast - food etc. RetailPos has online connection with smallBiz ERP that covers completely the requirements of a commercial company. RetailPos is designed to operate with touch screens and it can be connected with cash registers or function with tax mechanisms.

Functional Characteristics:

Wholesale, Retail sales.
Sales by multiple barcode codes per product.
Sales by Barcode for weighted products.
Sales by special characteristics such as color & size.
Product categorization without limits.
Create new Customers and Products.
Simultaneous invoicing of customers without limitation from one cash desk (HOLD).
Retail POS has the ability to change the products description, quantity, price, the transaction type, the customer and the ways of payment, at invoicing.
At the products line you can change the discount and the totals of the transaction.
Transaction cancelation .
Customer display screen with all the invoicing data as well as the. possibility of a play list with advertisement messages in text, picture and video format.

Multiple connection of retail branches with the central such as:

Real time connectivity (online).
Asynchronous connection (whenever is possible).
Two way automatic synchronization of the retail branches with the central (sales, rests, customers, products, pricelists etc).
Statistical data collection (MIS).

The smallBiz ERP gives the option of the expansion ability and the capability of covering extra needs. The company may use it at will:

for the electronic trade and the promotion to Internet, the myNetShop or fashionLux
for portable invoicing, order taking, warehouse inventory and receipts, the pocketsmallBiz
for managing the customers PR (Public Relationships) the smallBiz CRM
for information through mobile phones the Start Web Services